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Getting the Best Results from your Printer

Whether you use Original, Remanufactured or Compatible cartridges in your printer, follow these guidelines to obtain the best printing results

Use your printer regularly. Ink will dry out in an infrequently used print head, which will result in blockages and produce patchy printing


Keep your printer clean. Everyday dust, fluff and even cat hair in your printer can contribute to blocked print heads. Cover the printer when not in use.


Never remove an Epson or Canon inkjet cartridge until empty, even if you have a printing problem. Removing and replacing the same cartridge increases the risk of air getting in which will disrupt the ink flow and eventually dry it up. It can also makes the ink outlet hole bigger, increasing the risk of leaks.
(NB. This does not apply to Hewlett Packard or Lexmark cartridges where the print head is part of the cartridge)


When your cartridge is empty, do not remove it until you have a replacement. Leaving a printer without a cartridge in it allows any ink in the print head to dry out, causing blockages.


Use your printer's utility programs regularly to clean and realign the print heads.

A cartridge may not work when you first put it into the printer. This is because air has entered the print head when the old cartridge was removed.
To rectify this, run the 'clean print head' utility a number of times to flush the fresh ink through.

A printer's utility programs can be found in the printer's properties.
In Windows, Click Start > Settings > Printers. 
Right Click on the required printer and select Properties.

Having problems?

Compatible cartridges
(e.g. Epson, Canon, Xerox)

Problem - Cartridge not printing / patchy printing

1. Ensure that the tear-off strip has been removed.

2. Clean the print heads (according to your printer manual) and perform a print test. If there is no improvement then go to step 3. 

3. Perform 5 cycles of the clean print head procedure (without printing anything between cycles) and leave to stand overnight. DO NOT perform any print tests until the following day.


Problem - Cartridge not recognised

1. Check that there is a computer chip attached to the front of the cartridge

2. Ensure that the cartridge is seated correctly in the cartridge holder

3. Delete any items in the printer queue, turn off your printer, re-boot your computer, the turn the printer on again

4. Remove the cartridge and wipe the chip with lightly moistened tissue paper. Allow to dry and re-insert cartridge into printer.

5. Your printer may recognise that the cartridge you are using is not their own brand and might ask you if you wish to continue. Always click 'Yes'. Clicking 'No' may alter your printer's software settings. 
(NB. Printing problems caused by the user adjusting their printer's settings are not covered by the guarantee as the problem was not caused by the inkjet cartridge) 

Remanufactured cartridges
(e.g. Hewlett Packard, Lexmark, Samsung)

Problem - Cartridge not printing / patchy printing

1. Remove cartridge from printer, cover the print head with a kitchen towel and shake firmly.

2. Place the cartridge print head down on a moistened pad of kitchen paper. Leave to stand for 5 minutes and then dab the cartridge lightly on the wet towel until the ink(s) show on the paper.

3. Re-insert the cartridge into the printer and perform a print head cleaning cycle as per your printer manual.

Problem - Cartridge not recognised

1. Remove cartridge from printer wipe the chip and print heads with lightly moistened tissue paper. Allow to dry and re-insert cartridge into printer.


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